Why I do what I do.


If communication through image is truly vital, then the message should dictate the medium and not the other way around. I believe in making strong ideas into images. From illustration to animation and from documentary photography into music videos. My background lies in fine art and I’ve always been an advocate of strong aesthetics; they’re the sharpest tool in the box. Be it sleek, raw, quirky, clumsy, clear or quaint, these are the characteristics that will draw in your audience.

In 2004 I graduated from Minerva, an art academy in Groningen, The Netherlands. Here I’ve learned about fine arts and concept development. Today I live and work in Amsterdam, the country’s capital. I’m always looking to expand, learn and better myself through either my own work or that done for various clients. I’m a self taught motion graphics designer, illustrator and documentary photographer with a strong love for music.

Visual Works at present

My portfolio consists of a wide range in media, styles and outlets. It has always been my dream to work in as many different directions as I can whilst developing an identity as a visual designer/artist.

I draw from many different sources of inspiration to make my own work as well as work for various clients from various backgrounds. From musicians to indie film directors and play writers to small business owners and NGO’s.

Please take a look and hopefully you’ll enjoy the view.

01 / Secret Broadcasting Society

Motion Graphics, Illustrator, After Effects, Ident, Self Initiated

02 / Wij, Varkenland

Illustration, Poster Design, Theatrical Play, Photoshop, Pencil Drawing, Corel painter

03 / From the vaults

Illustration, Hand Drawn, Self Initiated

04 / Neurosis

Music Video, Directing, Visual Effects, Editing, After Effects

05 / Max Beef II : B movie badness.

After Effects, Opening Titles, B-movie

06 / Dazed Logo Sting

Motion Graphics, After Effects

07 / June Miller – Aged 23

Music Video, Directing, Visual Effects, Editing, After Effects

08 / Animal Sketchbook Sessions

Illustration, Hand Drawn, Self Initiated

09 / Kandahar

Documentary Photography, Afghanistan, Canon EOS 5D, MKII, War Against Terror,

10 / Kandahar at Night

Documentary Photography, Afghanistan, Canon EOS 5D, MKII, War Against Terror,

11 / Tarin Kowt ( Kamp Holland)

Documentary Photography, Afghanistan, Canon EOS 5D, MKII, War Against Terror,

12 / Barcelona

Canon EOS 5d MKII, Documentary Photography

13 / Mixtape Cover

Illustration, Mixed Media, Illustrator, Painter, Photoshop, Scanned Photograph

14 / Istanbul

Canon EOS10D, Documentary Photography

Ideas of what I can do for you.

Business Film

It has no doubt crossed your mind; how can I make my business more visible, have more of an identity? How can I make the client feel our story and mission? Contact me to see what stories we can tell about you as a company through a compelling 2-3 minute business film.

Concept Development

From the very first kernels of an idea to the finished product. Anything visual goes. I love to get involved with your project and making it happen. From art to business.


Sometimes it’s better to show your customers, clients or audience in animation what you mean. New product? New story? Explanimate it to them. . Let’s draw up something ! All done within After Effects, Illustrator & Photoshop.


From poster design to editorials. Will use any means necessary from both digital and good old-fahioned pencil to paper clippings and photography.  

Motion Graphics Design

From creating bumpers to opening titles, I will make whatever it is you want. Be it stop motion, titling, simple animation or a combination of all those with live footage. Looking for a warm and quirky style, something a bit retro or perhaps more stylized. Let’s think about it together.  

Post Production

Need some post-production after shooting like rotoscoping, editing, conforming of RAW footage, creative colour effects? Get me involved, I’ll tell you all about the possibilities. Currently I work with After Effects, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere & Da Vinci Resolve. And even more expertise is close by through my broad network of affiliated post production animals.