Ambiguous Title Sequence

An exploration in form in a title sequence format.
One of my dreams is to make as many title sequences as possible, for either broadcast or motion pictures/documentaries. Now when I heard about David Lynch directing a new series of Twin Peaks, 25 years later, the first thing thought about was .. Who is going to do the title sequence? But the original title sequence, being iconic as it is.. I could not touch. Not knowing the full cast and also, it just being such a big thing on itself. I would not want to re-do it in all it's greatness.. I wouldn't even be able to. So this is a departure, a fusion of, a wink to that title sequence and a coupling of one of the most confusing, amazing and profane modern literary works of all times (James Joyce's Ulysses) . An Exploration of form, contrasts, textures, meanings, textures, hint, patchwork narratives, philosophies and all things ambiguous. Because what makes up thought, what makes up form, when is something really real and when do we will things into existence or see it into reality just by the way we look at things? (perception of reality/ self-fulfilling prophecies). To me it's all murky anyways, never set in stone, yet always present and hanging over your head like some inescapable thing and fleeting and intangible.



Music: Killing Sound - Water Boxing

Software used:
After Effects
Cinema 4d


songs of a canary in a coal mine

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