The Great Big Texture Test

Kim Erkens is a singer who sings at unusual places and for unusual people. She sings at people’s funerals, but also for people who have Alzheimer’s. Often people with Alzheimer have a positive response to music they know. Bringing back a certain lifelines as they listen to the music. Sometimes they’ll even tell you stories of yesteryear.

In the treatment of people with Alzheimer or in general, older people, there’s often not much space for the human side of care. Instead treating the people as patients or little machines that need adjusting my adding or subtracting some medication when something’s wrong.

Kim has visited and sung for various people with Alzheimer and has recorded these sessions onto video. Starting this year, Kim & stichting Nieuwe Helden ( foundation New Heroes ) have created a traveling exhibition, showcasing the responses of the people who Kim sang for as video portraits.

The title of the exhibition “Vergeet mij Liedje” is a play on words of a kids’ name for a flower which in Dutch is called a Vergeet-me-nietje ( forget me not ), also commonly known as a daisy or daffodil (not quite sure which).

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made in 2015

Test made in cinema 4d & Octane Render Engine, 2016



songs of a canary in a coal mine

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